The ability to be in control of the solution hosting the company’s files and access them anywhere in the world was a key decision in choosing NavFile Storage Onsite. In addition, the use of an ASUSTOR NAS unit was another key factor in the decision. A2Z Painting selected ASUSTOR’s Lockerstor 4 Gen2 AS6704T NAS because of its Intel Celeron N5105, 4 drive bay, and the features that ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) operating system provides.

ASUSTOR AS6704T NAS NavFile Storage Onsite A2Z Painting

Above: the ASUSTOR NAS with NavFile Storage Onsite.

NavFile handled the entire configuration and installation of the unit in the company’s office. As part of the NavFile Storage Onsite solution, NavFile provided training to the A2Z team with NavFile Storage Onsite, ownCloud, and the ASUSTOR NAS.

A2Z Painting’s President had this to say about the product. “We at A2Z Painting believe that this avenue will give us a seamless and more individualized use of technology, including an added peace of mind knowing that we have more control of our information along with a redundant failsafe NAS.” – Z, President of A2Z Painting.

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